Date: 31/10/2010

The Hotel Torre del Remei has a defibrillator at the reception

Of all the various contingencies that may occur, the coronary heart disease is an important one. If there are cardiac arrhythmias in the form of ventricular fibrillation or pulse less ventricular tachycardia, there is a specific treatment called electrical defibrillation, which consists in applying an electric shock to the patient's chest.

The survival of people affected by these diseases depends largely on a rapid diagnosis and a prompt treatment. Often, one cannot wait until the arrival of medical professionals or until a medical center can be reached.

Automatic external defibrillators are devices that allow doctors to identify without errors arrhythmias requiring defibrillation and administering an electric shock when indicated.

These defibrillators can also be used by nonmedical personnel, that has been properly trained. They allow a first action that, because of its immediacy, can improve the chances of survival of the affected people.

These actions of assisting the patient in the shortest time possible in a situation of cardiac arrest should be only the first part of the treatment, the other part being then to ensure continuous treatment under medical supervision.

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